An enigmatic object in Cygnus

Equipment used

Telescope: Tal200K F10 2000mm
Camera: G2 16200 MKII
Mount:: EQ6 Pro

Processing notes...

Captured with CCDCiel.  Stacked in CCDStack and processed in Gimp.  Final touchup in Affinity Photo.

Ha 120m, OIII 235m, R,G and B 18m each.  Total 6h 50m.

Catalogued Items



14-Jun-2020 to 12-Jul-2020

Sharpless 101 is known as the Tulip Nebula.  It is located in Cygnus, not far from the Crescent Nebula.  I've shown both this image, and a wider field, in Cartes du Ciel to give an indication of their proximity.  In this image I have mapped Ha to Red and OIII to Blue, and to a lesser extent, to Green.  I also shot some Red, Green and Blue for the stars.

Tulipin Context