Wonderful weather



Lovely weather this weekend.  Blue skies mixed with showers produced lovely rainbows!







Last of the Summer Line

Visited Roply Station on the Waterress Line on a beautiful summer's day. Probably the last time this year in t-shirt and shorts!








This week's task was to do a 'Scape.

This photo was taken from Caesers Camp, near Aldershot.  London is about 30 miles away. 







Week 24 - Beginning with "P"





This week we were tasked with taking a photo where the theme was the letter "P".  This seemed easy, because photo begins with "P".

Week 17 - Holes

Ooops!  Last week's topic was "Trees".  The first "Hole" that my wife spotted was a  hole in a tree.  Why on Earth  did I not think of anything like this last week?  I'm very pleased with this lot

Week 16 - Trees

Trees, and landscapes in general, are my weak spot.  I groaned out loud when I saw that this week's challenge was "Trees".  However, I did my best, and I am very pleased with the results.  I have p

Week 15 - Snapper's Choice

A wonderful combination of superb weather, a long Easter weekend and "Snapper's Choice" meant that loads of opportunities were available.Some duck took off in a lovely bit of sunlight, and I like t