A pair of very different nebulae in Auriga.

Equipment used

Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106ED F5 530mm
Camera: G2 16200 MKII
Mount:: EQ6 Pro

Processing notes...

Acquired with CCDCiel.  Calibrated, stacked and stretched in CCDStack.  Processed in Gimp.

Exposure,  R 32m, G 19m, B 40m,  Ha 90m, OIII 130m.  Total 5h 11m.

I've  no idea why the colours came out like this.  I must learn to make notes.  I've tried to redo the image, but I cannot reproduce the same colour scheme.  In future, I must make notes.

Catalogued Items

SH2-229, SH2-236
IC405, IC410


03-Nov-2019 to 01-Dec-2019

These are two very different structures.  Both are rich in Ha, but there is very little OIII in the Flaming Star Nebula.  There is a lovely asterism, known as "The Ladder" between the two nebulae.

This can be easily seen in a standard 7 x 50 pair of binoculars.

Image removed.
The Ladder


IC405, IC410