The Cigar Galaxy

Equipment used

Telescope: Tal200K F10 2000mm
Camera: STL6303e
Mount:: EQ6 Pro

Processing notes...

L 45, R 34, G 26, B 16 Ha 35

Hmmm... My disk drive only shows 35 minutes of Ha, but I don't believe it myself.  However, I can only go on what I can verify.  My memory tellsme that I spent several nights trying to capture the Ha, and that I was dissappointed at how hard I had to process it just to get it to show at all.

Capture was done in CCDCiel. Stacking in CCDStack and processing in Gimp.

Catalogued Items



21-May-2019 to 25-May-2020

The Cigar Galaxy is situated near M81 in Ursa Major.  In this image I've tried to capture the Hydrogen outflow.