New Fox

I seem to have new foxes coming to the garden.  The old pair of adults have not been seen for about four weeks. 

Furry fiends...

Shot taken at 75mm, 1/80, F4.5 ISO800 in fading light.  No processing was done to the image.

What are you looking at?

This was taken at F6.3, 1/40, ISO400.   I was quite surprised to see that the shots came out OK at this slow shutter speed.


Cub getting less timid

This cub has been very difficult to photograph.  He has been incredibly nervous - running away at the slightest sound.

Sony A7III shot

This was taken under very dull conditions using the Animal eye autofocus.  The autofocus was very hit and miss - usually focussing on the foxes back.  This might be down to low light conditions.  O

Video frame

A  screengrab from some 4K video taken with the Sony A7.

Another A7 shot

This little chap was the only one to put in an appearance tonight.  He is normally incredibly timid, so the quiter operation of the Sony mirrorless camera was a distinct advantage.

Trying a different camera.

A friend has lent me his Sony A7S3.  This evening I took  a few snaps with it.  I haven't used it enough yet to form an opinion., and to be honest, I haven;t read the instructions yet.

Family group

The fox at the rear is one of the parents.  I get the feeling that it is quite old.  It doesn't react to very quiet sounds like the others.  I also suspect that its eyesight isn't very good.  You c

Foxes getting nearer

This was taken at 230mm, F5, 1/100 ISO 1600.   I'd like to use shorter exposures, but the foxes don't like to come out until the light starts to fade.  The unsettled weather at the moment is helpin

That was lip-smacking!

This is one of the larger cubs.  They are almost as big as the adults now, and it is becoming difficult to recognise them.  I suspect that they will be leaving us soon!

Looking for food

These two are sniffing around looking for something edible.  This is a screengrab from some 4k video.

Hungry fox spots chicken!

This is another crop from some 4k video.  This process works well for a learner like me.  It is especially effective when conditions are quite bright.  The foxes came out an hour earlier than usual

The Daddy

This is one of the parents of the regular family.  He has been in a fight with something, which has left him with a scruffy tail and a limp.  This shot is a crop from a photo taken at 300mm,  F5.6,

New Family

These are not the usual "resident" foxes.  They are considerably darker in colour.

Close up

This is a frame grab from some 4k video shot in fading light.  This was taken through a 300mm lens while the fox was about 15 feet away.

Two foxes

This fox might not like me!

This is a screengrab from some video that was shot in "HD" mode.

Sniffing around

My new "hide" seems to be working quite well.  I've hung a sheet up over the back door, and cut a hole in it for the camera lens.  Another smaller hole allows me to peek through.  I can sit indoors

Thieving B*****d!

Don't leave golf balls on the lawn.  This little sod took the ball and dissappeared into the hedge.

Shy Cub

This chap is growing up fast. I suspect that he will soon be leaving us.

Fox Trio

These three came out together.  The two at the front are cubs, but they are now getting quite big.  They get visibly bigger each week.

Fighting Fit

These two had a brief spat over some food.  The spat only lasted a couple of seconds.